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ColourPop Cosmetics Review!

lipsticks2351hey guys! My sister got me my first ColourPop lipstick last christmas, as soon as i tried it i fell in love! ColourPop is my favorite brand of lipsticks, although i haven’t tried their other products, I’m sure those are great too! The top two in the last photo are Colourpops Ultra Matte Lip colors, the hot pink is called Buds and the lighter pink is called Shimmy. The color Shimmy is my favorite color out of the ones i have, Its a color you can wear basically everyday. The matte colors are my favorite because they stay on all day long, I’ve never had a lipstick last as long as these do. The red right below those two is called Cozy, it is an Ultra Satin Lip color. Which means it doesn’t dry matte, but it still lasts a really long time and doesn’t rub off getting red everywhere (which is the worst, right?). The red/violet color (fourth down) is called Flawless, it is a Lippie Stick. This color also has a satin finish. This color will be perfect for fall! The last color on the bottom is a Lippie pencil in the color Rocket. Colourpop will pair any lip pencil with the color it’ll look great with! Colourpop is so inexpensive which makes it that much better, am i right?? Any type of lip product $6 and under! All of their other products are very inexpensive as well. In the photo of me wearing the colors (top left is shimmy, top right is cozy, bottom left is buds and bottom right is flawless). Check it out and let me know what your favorite ColourPop lip color is! sign off

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