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Short Hunter Boots





Hi guys!

It’s 2017! I can’t believe it, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a really good year!! Here in Southern California we usually get the most amount of rain in January which is why I was so excited to get these new short hunter boots for Christmas! I like the shorter ones a lot because I feel like they’re easier to walk in and they feel less bulky! These ones are called the short refined hunter, they are a more sleek look then the originals! Im obsessed with this olive green color because it will match with almost any outfit. I found these jeans on the clearance rack at Express for some reason, I feel like they didn’t belong there because they were the only pair but I got them for like $20 or something crazy like that! I linked the exact pair down below! Yes, my top says Célfie… like Céline… get it?? A lot of people get confused over my shirt… But I literally love it, it’s so comfortable. I wear this top so often… ask my friends lol. I hope you love this look! I have a lot of fun Valentines Day posts coming soon, because yes that is the next holiday!! Comment below if theres anything in particular you want to see!



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