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    End of Summer

    Hey guys!

    I’m back! I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately but I’ve had so much going on, life got a little crazy busy for a while. But I’m back because now we’re officially in Fall! Well, here in Southern California it doesn’t exactly feel like fall, but we’re getting there…slowly.

    Heres a little bit of a life update for you:

    In the beginning of summer, my papa passed away and that was something that was extremely hard for my family and me to deal with. He was somebody I was really close with and obviously loved very very much. He’s still on my mind every day and I miss him so, so much. As some of you may know my job is babysitting and I absolutely love it! I have a few families that I regularly babysit for and its the best, most rewarding job in the world! I’m always busy babysitting, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! School started again this semester over a month ago and I’m now in my second year of college! School obviously takes up a lot of my time as well, especially when you start taking the classes towards your major! I plan on hopefully becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist. Now that summer is over I plan on getting back to having a least one blog post up a week so get ready! Fall is my favorite time of the year and I’m so excited that it’s finally here! I just hope the weather starts cooling down soon!!

    As for my outfit:

    I’m wearing a wrap dress I found online at Jessa Kae < Heres the exact link to the dress. I also linked a few other wrap dresses down below if you want to check those out as well! The shoes I’m wearing are sandals from Steve Madden that I purchased a while ago and I can’t find them online so I linked very similar ones below! This outfit is so easy to throw together and looks so classy. I actually wore this exact outfit to my aunt’s wedding over Summer!

    Let me know if there’s any posts, challenges or reviews you want me to blog about I would love some ideas! Talk to you soon!

    xo, A


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    Outfits, Summer Fashion
    / June 30, 2017